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UnincrediBall at VFS Pitch & Play

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

After six months of hard work, our team had the opportunity to present our efforts to members of the gaming industry in Vancouver via Vancouver Film School's Pitch & Play.

Vancouver Film School's Pitch & Play event happens roughly four times a year, is completely free and gives students and local members of the video game industry a chance to share and connect. The audience of about 100 Vancouver, industry professionals and experts gets to see what soon-to-graduate students have learned and ultimately produced. First, the teams pitch their projects on stage. After the presentations, everyone is invited to come upstairs where there is food, drinks (yes, the good kind) and computers setup for the curious and competitive to actually get their hands on and play the student's projects.

Pitch & Play is the perfect event for game studios of all sizes to both find new talent and meet other members of the industry. Nearly all of the students presenting are seeking jobs in the industry, and the casual and fun atmosphere of the event gives recruiters a good glimpse into what the students are actually like outside of a stressful interview scenario (not that new hires shouldn't be grilled thoroughly). Additionally, the student's instructors- who at this point have gotten to know the student's and their work ethics and personalities over the past year- are also there and can it couldn't be simpler to find out if a prospect comes highly recommended or not.

the host, Victor Lucas

On August 3rd 2017 our humble six-person team (see below for details), as well as our other comrades on the production floor, had our Pitch & Play event. For the first time ever, the event was both held in the new Mimic Performance Capture studio and hosted by an awesome individual named Victor Lucas (pictured) who you probably know from the longest running gaming show The Electronic Playground.

(L-R) Ross, Salim, Carmine, Lin, Beren, Daniel, Victor Lucas.

Thanks to some rehearsals and the VFS instructors and staff, Mimic staff, and Victor Lucas, the event went smoothly and everyone had a great time.

If you'd like to check out my awesome teammates (pictured)- whom I highly recommend- then here are their LinkedIn's...

Daniel Orozco - Artist

Beren Kusmenoglu - Programmer

Lin Xiaowen - Artist

Carmine Carpino - Project Manager

Salim Ali - Designer

Here's some more pictures of the event...

To check out UnincrediBall, which is the actual project we presented, check out my project pages. I worked on a lot of parts of the project so you'll find in in Programming, UI/UX and QA.

Additional Links

Video recording of the presentations. (UnincrediBall @ 58:00)


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