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Green Light to Canada

After a few months of jumping through hoops, and some crucial help and recommendations (thanks Wille and Glen) I've been approved for a Canadian work visa! This is great news for me as it allows me to accept a job in the games industry in Vancouver, whereas I was only studying before.

I'll be searching for openings where I can become a valuable team member. If you know of any opportunities or could put in a word for me, please let me know! I'm always grateful for any help I receive.

For those wondering how to attain a Canadian visa, or wondering which method I used, I applied through the IENA/SWAP Work in Canada program (links below). The total cost was roughly $500 in various fees and shipping cost. Your experience may be more or less.

P.S. I love the United States. However, I don't know anyone in the games industry in the US, and I have a lot of contacts (friends, instructors, classmates, mentors) in Vancouver. Thus, I'm heading back! I'm definitely more of a country boy, but Vancouver is pretty cool as far as cities go.

Additional Links

IENA Website for North American immigration programs.

Canadian Immigration Website for everything about Canadian visas.


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