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UnincrediBall - 2017

Unreal Engine 4, 3v3 Sports Brawler

Role: Network & UI Programmer

Designed and Implemented

  - Game Loop

  - Network Replication

  - Menu Systems

  - Scoring System

  - Audio and Haptic Feedback System

  - HUD & Notifications

  - Post-game Analytics


This was my first time using Unreal. I taught myself the engine and learned how to design and implement a game loop from Main Menu to Gameplay and back again. I learned how to setup, find and join online sessions, as well as replicating data over the network. I practiced developing UI in small, modular, nested pieces. 


I worked as one of a six person core team. We had an additional 14 collaborators that we worked with over the six month duration of the project.

In UnincrediBall, players become a unique reject superhero and use their quirky abilities to brawl their way through a soccer match to prove they have what it takes to become a real superhero. Games last a quick 5 minutes and can be played with other players over the LAN.

This project was presented at VFS Pitch and Play in August 2017 by our team and Victor Lucas. We were awarded Best Final Project for UnincrediBall.


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