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Operation Freedom - 2017

Web Based, Box2D Physics & Level Editor

Team of 2

Designed and Implemented

  - Application Framework

  - Box2D Level Editor

  - Level Load & Save System

  - Server Level Load


This was my second time making a web based game, but my first experience incorporating a physics library. I created the application frame, level editor, and back-end JSON file management system for saving and loading levels.


The game works similarly to Angry Birds. The player adjusts the power and angle of the cannon, and has a certain number of shots to "let loose the nukes". The nukes are physics objects with an upward force. The player wins when all the missiles fly up off the screen.

The level editor allows the creator to enter a width, height and density for the objects they'd like to place. Density affects the objects when they're having the cannon's force applied to them. They can then be dragged into position. The background image and level name can be changed before saving. 

The levels are saved as JSON objects. The load level drop-down is populated with the saved files that the system finds.


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