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Master Chef - 2017

Unity 5, 2D Single-player Platformer

Solo Project

Designed and Implemented

  - Level & Systems Design

  - HUD & Controls

  - Menu System

  - Scoring System


This was a solo project with the goal of building an entire 2D platformer from the ground up. I was able to practice everything from designing the code structure and unit inheritance, to level design and implementing animations. Creating artwork was not a learning goal on this project.


In Master Chef: Cooking Evolved, the player maneuvers through a level with jumping and shooting their way to the end. Obstacles include moving and collapsing platforms, two types of enemies, and a couple tricky jumps. The game has a pause and defeat screen which display the player's stats including shots fired and enemies 'smoked'.

I used inheritance for the two types of enemies and ray casting for enemy target detection. Enemies have a simple state machine and use the same animations as the player character. To keep movement on platforms smooth, the player character becomes a child of the platform it stands on, determined through short vertical raycasts. 

While designing the level, I attempted to use design methodologies similar to those utilized by Mario. The level builds on prior knowledge when introducing new challenges.


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