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Our team of four included a level designer / project manager, a 3D artist, an audio designer and myself as the programmer. We took 'light' from the theme to mean not only light, but also truth. In Faren's Light the player is a member of The Resistance in a dystopian city where books are burned and propaganda is a weapon.

As a player, explore a single level to find books left by your partner. The books contain codes in the form of quotes from books that inspired us such as Fahrenheit 451. Crack 4-digit codes to open gates and ultimately make your way to the printing press and turn the enemy's propaganda machine against them.

Role: Gameplay & UI Programmer

Tasks on this project:

  - Character Movement & Abilities

  - Menu and Gameplay UI Design

  - Audio Implementation and Systems

  - Created Level Design Tools

  - Source Control Implementation


This was the first UE4 project where I was solely responsible for implementing the gameplay programming. The programming wasn't particularly complex, but I did make some cool tools for programmatically populating the level including decals on walls and plants in gardens. I created a few systems for dynamic audio. I also had a chance to get practice with set dressing a level.


This project was created for Epic's 2017 MegaJam, which is an annual game jam that lasts for one week. The theme for the jam was, "However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light."

Unreal Engine 4, Puzzle Solving

Faren's Light - 2017
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