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To customize this project, I added Healing Stations for the AI to heal themselves when they take considerable damage. I also added a fun Death Laser for the human player which can be used to mow down bears quickly.

I used the A* pathfinding plugin for Unity. Units perform enemy detection with ray casting and an adjustable FOV. The state machine makes heavy use of co-routines. 

Solo Project


  - Game Loop

  - Network Replication

  - Menu System & HUD

  - AI Logic and Pathfinding


This was a class project where I learned how to incorporate build AI. This included building a state machine and pathfinding. I also learned how to add Photon multiplayer to the project to enable online multiplayer. Most art assets were free assets from the Unity marketplace. 



In BattleBears you play as one of an army of colored teddy bears that can fire deadly lasers out of their eyes. There are capture points around the map that are captured by standing near them. The first team to 500 points wins. 

Unity 5, 3rd Person Multiplayer Shooter

BattleBears - 2017


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