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Role: UI Programmer & Designer

Designed and Implemented

  - Game Loop Menus

  - UI Behavior & Animations

  - Controller Compatibility

  - Built Using Modular Widgets:

      - Team Select

      - Hero Draft

      - Pre-game Lobby

      - HUD & Splash Screens


In this project I learned a tremendous amount about implementing UI in a game. I practiced implementing UI via an engine-specific UI editor. I discovered the value of creating modular UI components for rapidly changing iterations and reusability. I also gained experience working alongside artists and designers to make their designs functional and their visual targets a reality.


UnincrediBall is a 3v3 sports brawler where players become reject superheroes and use their quirky abilities to score goals.

Unreal Engine 4, UI Design & Implementation

UnincrediBall - 2017


This game was built to be quickly pitched and played at a large event with players who'd never played the game before. Thus, one of our greatest challenges was tutorializing the game in such a way that first time players could enjoy their first game.

To solve this, we leveraged the UI whenever possible. The loading screens remind players of the most important controls they'll need to know in-game. We used color-coded iconography to indicate a hero's ideal position on the field. A special, semi-transparent ability screen can be viewed in-game to review the controls.


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