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StarLord - 2017

Adobe Illustrator, UI Research & Design

Solo Project


  - Researched Industry Titles

  - Designed Theme and Style

  - Created Wire-frames:

      - Main Menu

      - Campaign Map

      - HUD

      - Options Menu

      - Multiplayer Menu


For this project I researched five popular titles in the sci-fi genre. I analyzed and compared their similarities and differences, then created crafted a theme and style for a new mock IP. I designed wire-frames for four screens and a HUD based off of the new theme. 


After researching, I decided to use a white on semi-transparent black theme give the UI

a slick sci-fi feel without making it distracting from the (placeholder) artwork. I selected a font that was thematic but readable, and chose to use all caps as the in-game technology felt like it would also use all caps. 

To see the results of my research and analysis or further information about my design decisions, please see the link for the design document or inspect the images below.


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