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Role: Designer & Writer

Designed and Wrote

  - Detailed 80+ Page Rulebook

  - 8 Unique Species with History

  - New Combat Phase System

  - Customizable Character System

      - No class restrictions

      - Player's earn XP by attending sessions

      - Spend XP to increase Skill rank

      - Spend XP & meet rank to unlock Abilities

  - Custom Character & Inventory Sheet

  - GM Cheat Sheets


This project taught me a lot about design interdependencies and how that relates to scheduling. When building the entire system from the ground up, it was difficult to move too far forward in one area before needing to reference something in another- undeveloped- area. I thoroughly enjoyed the process.


Apathetic Space is a sci-fi tabletop role-playing system like D&D. It was a system I'd been thinking about for a few months and finally created it after my friends and players in my fantasy campaign urged me to do so. I worked on it my spare time over a couple months, then used the winter break to complete it.

Rulebook, Sci-fi Tabletop Role-playing Game

Apathetic Space - 2019


The goal of this system was to create a science fiction TRPG that carried over the approchability and speed of traditional Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, while empowering players with more flexibility and customization. 

To accomplish this, I maintained the core of the 5e d20 system, but got rid of the class system in place of a skill buying system. Characters must meet rank prerequisites, then can spend experience to unlock skills. I also got rid of the initiative system and replaced it with a phase system with combat happening simultaneously. There are some other cool systems that I won't go into detail about here. I'm currently playtesting the system through 2019 and plan to publish it in 2020.

Into the Black Concept Art
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