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Network & UI Programmer, Designer & QA | 2017​

UnincrediBall - Unreal Engine 4, 3v3 Sports Brawler, Team of 20

            Created game loop & architecture for 6 player network game

            Implemented systems for audio, haptic feedback & scoring

            Developed post-game, 3D analytics tool for design analysis

            Designed and built game loop with menu system UI and HUD

            Created deep tutorialization strategy for first time players

            Vigorously tested networking for host and client functionality

            Discovered and reported bugs via bug tracking software

            Conducted 20+ person playtests & recorded feedback

            Facilitated communication between teammates to resolve bugs

Faren's Light - Unreal Engine 4, 1st Person Puzzle Solver, Team of 4

            Collaborated with team to determine project scope and features

            Built menu system UI and HUD

            Co-designed, implemented, tested & iterated on puzzles

            Engineered and tested procedural artwork implementation system

Designer, QA & Gameplay Programmer | 2017

Operation Freedom - Web Based, Box2D Physics, Team of 2

            Designed and built and thoroughly tested application framework

            Created Box2D level editor through iterative process

            Built system to save and load levels from server with JSON

Quality Analyst & Systems Programmer | 2016 - 2017​

Gameplay, Network & AI Programmer | 2017

BattleBears - Unity 5, 3rd Person Multiplayer Shooter, Solo Project

            Implemented enemy Artificial Intelligence logic and pathfinding

            Upgraded project with Photon multiplayer

            Built menu system UI and HUD


United States Air Force - 4 Years, Senior Airman, 3 Promotions

            Learned and used Arabic in stressful operational environment

            Analyzed intelligence data for accuracy and authenticity

            Held Top Secret security clearance in USAF and NSA

            Performed duties of training mentor with 100% trainee pass rate

Arabic Linguist, Geolocation Operator | 2011 - 2015

Franchise Owner & Manager | 2015 - 2016

College Pro Painters - 1 Year, Rookie of the Year Award

            Interviewed, hired, trained and managed 16 employees

            Generated over $92k in sales with 85.7% Net Promoter Score

            Inspected finished job sites prior to customer review

            Directed customer relations with 100% customer satisfaction


Programming for Games, Web & Mobile | 2016 - 2017

Vancouver Film School - Graduated with Honors, 92.15 GPA

            Awarded 'Best Final Project' & 'Excellence in Code'

Associates of Arabic | 2011 - 2012

Defense Language Institute - 3.1 GPA

            Chosen to mentor struggling underclassmen


   Full Stack Development

   AI Behavior Trees

   De-Bugging Techniques

   Analytics Integration

   UI/UX Design

   Gameplay System Design

   Tutorialization Strategy

   Gameplay Balancing

   Analytics Data Analysis

   Bug Tracking Software

   Bug Reporting

   Screen Capture Software

   Source Control Systems

   Cross-discipline Collaboration

   Agile & Waterfall Development

   Performance Capture



   Unreal Engine














   Iraqi Arabic

   Modern Standard Arabic

   Learning Spanish


   Video games - co-op, strategic

   Soccer - varsity player, coach

   D&D - led several campaigns

   Board games - classic, strategic

   Writing - fiction, sci-fi & fantasy

This info is out of date. Please contact me for an updated resume.

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