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Rats on the Inside - Quest Outline

Here is the first quest outline I made for my Grand Lamoria campaign. Take a look and let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions!

CONTEXT: This is a rough quest outline for my high fantasy D&D campaign. The players had just started their campaign in the dwarven city of Port Bali.

!SPOILER WARNING! If you are one of my players, you should stop reading here!


Rats on the Inside

FU Mission


Players are given a mission to clear a rat infestation beneath the tunnels of the Port Bali Keep. There’s a possibility for a shifty, stuttering wizard named Dimitri to join the party. The infestation turns out to not be an infestation, but rather the work of a single druid with nefarious intentions.


Dimitri Pie

Upon accepting mission this mission, Dimitri Pie asks to join the party. He will boast magical talents, and if the party is on the fence, he will offer to give them 5gp once they enter the tunnels. If not allowed to join he will attempt to follow the party stealthily.

Gardens and the Tower

Proceed to Keep Gardens and speak with the Tower of Bali, a human paladin named Istan. He informs the party that the magus of Port Bali (Kinesta) has been hearing rats gnawing beneath her laboratory and she wants it cleared out as it's distracting her from her work. The tunnels are accessible from the Steam Quarter or Brass Bottom, and Istan writes them a quick letter to get them access once they speak to a Brassmaster.

***Choice: Enter from Steam Quarter or Brass Bottom?

While Traveling (Part A)

(Dimitri allowed in party) Dimitri says he will meet the party at the Brassmaster, he needs to make a stop along the way.

While Traveling (Part B)

Dimitri hires an urchin boy to attempt to pickpocket whoever has the Tower’s note of permission. Passive perception check against the boy’s stealth check (+1).

Travel through Steam Quarter

Urchin boy in the Steam Quarter stalls tries to sell the party potions to make them immune to ‘Brass Lung’. It is a sham. The vials contain ginger water with a small brass shard.

Travel through Brass Bottom

Blind fortune teller will read two fortunes per day for 5gp each. Will haggle to 2gp.

Aramune: Blue boy, mother enslaved, mother wearing same bracelet as Aramune.

Baaz: Stone wings gather at a mountain peak.

Broxigar: Wizard tempered with memory.

Cinnil: Fate is as calm as a mountain.

Gak: Father has not walked for centuries.

Vince: Father was blue, mother being kissed.

Meet with Brassmaster

The human Brassmaster Riegel will require a persuasion, deception or intimidation check, or a bribe of 5gp for a ‘tour’. With note from Istan, +5. Will unlock door and lead adventurers into the pipe system and give them a map and a key. They are told the pipes lead beneath the city and the laboratory and told directions to the laboratory pipes. (See map)

Enter Waterworks

Map is in dwarven script. Red doors are doors Riegel told the party that they shouldn’t open, and that won’t open with the key they were given. However, the room D will open, even without the key.

* Insert a mud, stick, bramble obstacle STR check in one of the tunnels.

A - Evidence

B - Immovable Rod

C - Overhear Conversation

D - Prison Cell

E - Turbine

A - Evidence

DC10 perception check reveals a small tunnel scratched into the stone and moving up through the dirt. Rat sized. Symbol carved into the stone beside the hole: jaws of a tiger with a worm for a tongue (The Maw symbol).

B - Immovable Rod

DC15 perception check off the edge of the fall reveals an immovable rod, activated, in the stonework nearby.

C - Overhear Conversation

The water in this area and beneath are contaminated with poison. A DC10 perception check reveals something different about the water. DC15 Perception informs of poison. Poison does 1d4 damage per round inside it.

DC10 listen check hears talking in common through grate, no visuals.

Human male Osryn, “We were in the middle of translating the second manuscript, and he sent me all the way to Hjallstad to help Magus Aughlor capture a seawolf. He hates Aughlor! Thinks he’s a boor.”

Female halfling Kinesta, “Hmm… that is peculiar. He’d been searching for those manuscripts for what- 90 years?”

Osryn, “Over a hundred years actually. I cannot determine why he’s acting this way. He’s not sent me on a quest like this in the past. Perhaps time is catching up with him.”

Kinesta, “Vorvhin acts in mysterious ways, but he has his reasons. Perhaps once you return to Hammerfall you’ll have your explanation. Say, can you drain that vial for me?”

DC10 reflex save to doge poison being thrown down through the grate.

D - Prison Cell

DC10 check for traps, DC10 disable traps, fail sets off trap and alerts sleeper. Trap = DC10 dex save for half damage, 2d6 fire damage.

If trap is activated, druid female elf beast-shapes into a rat and scurries towards the exit taking a surprise round. If the trap is disabled, she is asleep in a cot in her elf form. She will attempt to escape via beast shape. She will refuse to cooperate and give up her group. If killed she has a wooden ring (ring of digging) and 5gp. She left a letter from ‘The Maw’ on a table in the cell (see Enkim’s Letter).

The room is an old prison cell. There is a simple bedroll and a cheese wedge in the corner and manacles bolted to the wall. There are tally marks all over the walls totaling thousands of days. DC10 Perception check reveals the marks are very old, not recent. “I will devour you.” is etched into the floor below the manacles (carved with toenails).

E - This is a fancy room with a whirring turbine pumping fresh water up to the keep.

Leaving the Waterworks

While leaving, another group from Fortunes Unlimited meets them in the waterworks and jumps them, attempting to kill them and claim credit for completing the mission themselves.

Thugs, 2 elves and 1 dwarf (+ Dimitri if they were rude to him).

Additional Notes

The Maw is an extremely discrete group. The only person in Port Bali who knows of them extensively and would recognize, “The Maw”, the Dying Oak, or the symbol is Istan, the Tower of Bali.

Istan, the Tower, knows that the Dying Oak is in the center of the Forest of Secrets. But is unsure where the forest is. It is rumored that the location of the forest is a secret buried under one of the trees there.


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