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Generation Starship (poem)

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

This is a poem I submitted for a writing contest in university. It didn't place in the top three, but I like it all the same. Please let me know your thoughts!

CONTEXT: This is a narrative poem from a sci-fi setting. It is based on the concept of a generation starship, which is a a type of sub light-speed ark which sets out on a journey that will take longer to complete than the lifespan of the original inhabitants. The vessel is designed to be self-sustaining, so as long as those on-board keep procreating, eventually the decedents of the original crew will be alive when the final destination is reached.



This is a poem, mind the punctuation.

One family member from each generation,

Is allowed to write one log on one day.

It can be about whatever they say.

The one rule is: they cannot undo,

Neither take away from nor add to,

What they have written, however incorrect.

They are let to read, as if to resurrect,

Logs written before; thought or confession.

With each new age, mankind earns a lesson.

Generation Starship

My ungratefulness,

What have I done?

Withdrawing my faith,

From our true sun.

Need for flight,

I did taste.

Was my choice,

Made in haste?

Father, wise father,

Rest deep and in peace.

If you hadn’t left,

We’d all be deceased.

Gratefulness to you,

Can only be surmounted,

By my excitement,

Which has not paramounted.

What did I say wrong?

An offense I’ve spoken?

I’m one on this raft,

Alone and heartbroken.

Just as the sun died,

So has my hope,

But love doesn’t find,

Those who must mope.

Young have been the writings,

Preceding this day,

So I waited till on,

My death bed I lay.

But my mind is consumed,

In a state of decay,

So to the next I warn,

Do not delay..

I cut myself,

To feel the pain.

The blood drips down,

And makes my stain.

To know my sole purpose;

To propagate,

My only emotion,

Is too irate.

Into the vices,

Our people have shrunk,

Gases make us high,

Liquids make us drunk,

We must cleanse ourselves,

Of this evil,

And make destructive,

Acts illegal.

Listen to yourselves,

Filled with spite,

Worrying about,

Who looks right.

Soon we will

All be delivered.

Don’t make me,

Thee who’s considered,

Who we’ll represent,

When we get there,

Decades of science,

Centuries of care,

We must not lie,

Or steal, or fight.

To stand proud,

We must unite.

Keep wits about you,

But dare not pretend,

Keep open your mind,

Humbly we contend,

And as we slowly,

Begin to descend,

Remember: On us,

All the rest depend.


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